Te amo, Coronado

Driving to lunch there was a white car in front of us with a sticker that read "J'aime Coronado."

D: Jaime Coronado? What's that? What Mexican put that up?
Me: It means I love Coronado.
D: That's what Jaime means in Spanish? I thought it was a name.
Me: It's French.
D: Oh.


This is a party and we have to dance

Y esto dice así: Cumbia!

El Instituto Mexicano del Sonido (IMS), or Mexican Institute of Sound, played small show at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for the opening of their Wallworks exhibition the weekend I was visting. A friend of mine was invited and so there I was. I can't even seem to remember if a lot of people showed up to the museum party. But there was definitely less than 100 people watching the show.

None of the people I was hanging out with seemed very enthused about checking out the band, so after missing the first 10 minutes, I ran off on my own to the front of the stage in usual tils style. The venue, whatever open space of the YBCA I was in, was rather large, and I was surrounded by a few dozen people while the rest hung around at the back. I don't quite feel like writing about the actual performance, but it was rather fun. They were all wearing mariachi pants, which added quite well to the music's comedic element. Camilo Lara, lead singer and IMS mastermind, kept inciting the crowd to dance and joking that the band was from a tiny, unknown town in Mexico. They're from Mexico City.

IMS is one part Pastilina Mosh, one part Nortec Collective and a splash of LCD Soundsystem. I know this might sound totally horrendous, but I love it when I get to hang out with Mexicans, and there was a few watching the show next to me. And that's all I have to say for now.

Oh yeah, and I love San Francisco and it melts my tin heart.

DJ & producer Camilo Lara.

Y otra vez el mismo.

The DJ dude?

The rest of the band sat out while Lara sang "Te Quiero Mucho" on stage. The title gives it away. Lara said it was about his ex-girlfriend. He repeated TQM at least 60 times. Ha. Way creative.

Pants! Fancy Pants!

& of course: my lame video

Also, I found this video on the YouTube. It's pretty cool, and it's where the title of this blog entry comes from.

Sorry about the different sizes. I'm not that good with the Youtube, or the internets or the HTML codes.

Pupusa Heaven

1:38 AM Man, i want some pupusas now
Did you have them in San Fran?
are they plentiful there?
1:39 AM There are a total of two restaurants that serve pupusas in Austin
And only one is truly a Salvadoran restaurant
1:40 AM the other sells them on some blended-cuisine menu or something.
pupusas are plentiful!
Beverly: nice! I thought it was only LA. I should move to California

1:43 AM me:
apparently there are
in sf.
me: according to some data from 05
i think so
Beverly: Wait, Salvadorans?
1:44 AM me: yes
i think so
Beverly: or pupuserias?
me: LOL!
human beings
me: from el salvador!Beverly: lol, that's what I thought you meant
Beverly: too funny
me: lol
1:45 AM that would be an intense amount of pupuserias!
me: for god's sake beverly!
Beverly: It'd be Pupusa heaven.


El Paraíso

T: I'm sorry I was jealous.
A: It's not like I noticed or cared.

(Laughter ensues for a minute)

T: Wow, you really are a dick.

(Laughter ensues for 5 minutes)


This guy tried to be all sly...

I always get super excited when my friends do awesome stuff:

oh, you want to see something really cool??
me: of course!
10:17 PM AMC: http://www.yahoo.com/
me: ummm. yahoo?
AMC: you'll see four links in the featured section
me: uh huh
and then?
are you THERE?
10:18 PM AMC: click on 13 year old trades ipod for antique walkman
me: awwwwwwwww

Click it indeed!!!

Story: http://tinyurl.com/m4fh2z.
Photo with proof:


Fun with comments

I'm obsessed with reading reader comments posted on news stories or blog posts or whatever. I spend hours going through pages and pages of sometimes hateful comments.

Today I read a story on art installations on San Francisco's BART.

Who Said Taking the Train was Boring? Swinging on San Francisco's BART

It's just a few pictures of people on swings that randomly appeared on some BART trains. I found some of the comments of this story so funny they deserved a post.


Comment 1: Three cheers for gorilla installations!

Comment 2: Gorilla installations? I think you meant Guerilla. I'm really glad there are no 800 lb. mountain gorillas on the BART trains. I live 2900 miles away, but the last thing I want to see on the news is "California Train riders have their arms torn off by angry ape."


Hashisms: more heartbreak

me: when are we going to have a love child?
Hash: i have seven
i just don't like to talk about it
3:07 PM me: well you need an 8th
with me
Hash: noope
3:08 PM i'm talking to a girl right now
she's cool
3:09 PM me: sweet. congratulations
i'm happy for you.
i was jk about our love child. jajaja. so you don't have to worry. you haven't broken my heart
Hash: i know
it's impossible to break a heart of stone, anyway

(part of my chronicle of ultra silly online conversations)